EPK - Behind the scenes


Multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Matthias Ledwinka (drummer of LAUSCH) created himself a new playground. After working with several projects for over a decade, he took a break and became a dad. But being driven by passion, this break didn’t last long – ideas and music pushed back into his thoughts.

The concept of klawuta is simple: It’s a home-coming. Home is his studio, here the songs are written and recorded first-hand. That’s what Matthias always enjoyed most in musician‘s life. Live-shows with all their compromises, sticky floors in the clubs, dirty backstage rooms, long roadtrips – that’s in the past and not really missed.

But even as the lone wolf, he tends to be, he enjoys the inspiration of collaborations. So klawuta is supported at least by one guest on most oft the tracks. This could be friends, respected colleagues or even idols.


This is our anthem to all spacenerds, sciencegeeks, spacerockers, astronomyfans and everybody else who appreciates an epic guitar-tune.

Featuring musician and soundengineer Alexander Lausch on guitars/vocals and awarded writer Martin Peichl on mission control radio, Phobos, Deimos, Whatever puts you in the pilot’s seat of a space-racer performing several sling-shot-manoeuvres.

It follows the foot steps of space- and math rockers like Failure, Shiner and adds a modern, timeless touch of bands like Thrice and Lower than Atlantis. It’s heavy, energetic, epic!

Release: March 4th 2022


Overestimated has it’s origins in a lullaby Matthias Ledwinka alias Klawuta wrote for his four-year-old son. It’s his first attempt to sing in his mother tongue, an Austrian dialect combined with an English chorus. The lyrics are about expectations and (mis)conceptions blurring your view and flexibility and the sweet madness of becoming a father with all the fiery experiences coming with this adventure.

Release: September 3rd 2021

SWEAR feat. Jonah Matranga

For the first single „Swear“ the US-singer/songwriter Jonah Matranga (Far, Gratitude, New End Original, Onelinedrawing,…) joined klawuta. Jonah has been a big musical influence for Matthias. They only met once in person at a show in Vienna in 2008. But thanks to the internet, they teamed up in the year oft he pandemic in 2020 and produced a song including a video. Music and lyrics of „Swear“ reflect the specific views of the two musicians on this eventful times.

But this song is only the beginning of a series of other tracks already in the works. And with these, other national and international guests will follow.