The Owner – Sergeant Pluck himself (CD)


The third album of the Austrian band SERGEANT PLUCK HIMSELF containing progressive power-pop with catchy harmonies, complex rhythms and unconventional structures.



Recorded by Matthias Ledwinka & Alexander Lausch
Mixed and mastered by Alexander Lausch @ Listencareful Studios

All instruments played by Matthias Ledwinka except:
Drums on „Tigers“ and „Lumina Post“ by Valentin Schuster
Bass on „Tigers“ by Joachim Berger
Overdub Guitars on „Tigers“ by Alexander Lausch
Bass on „Lumina Post“ by Bepo Böhm
Piano on „Treasures“ and „Narvik“ by Bettina Ledwinka
Choir on „Emerge“ by Joachim Berger, Bepo Böhm, Alexander Lausch, Josef Anibas